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Morehart_Mitch_WEB-2Authoritative Analytics is a multi-faceted consulting firm established by Mitch Morehart. Mitch had a distinguished 30-year career at the Economic Research Service (ERS), USDA. He has vast experience and expertise in several areas of applied economics and statistics. His impact is reflected in the more than 200 presentations to government officials, policy analysts, the research community and other public audiences. He has conducted numerous radio, newspaper, and television interviews on the financial performance of U.S. farm business. He has authored or co-authored more than 100 journal articles and ERS bulletins that report research results in agricultural finance and farm management.

As one of the founding architects and manager of a large and complex annual survey of farm operators (Agricultural Resource Management Survey), Mitch has acquired an array of skills pertaining to the collection and reporting of economic data. For example, Mitch was instrumental in the development of sampling weight calibration methods that ensure population coverage and appropriate compensation for non-response. He also led efforts to expand data dissemination to a wider research audience by utilizing advances in information technology to guard data confidentiality.

Mitch has been an advocate and practitioner of the core principals of open science throughout his entire professional career as a research scientist. Through his leadership and enthusiasm for openness, integrity, and reproducibility, a formal review council structure for evaluating ERS data was established. His experience in adopting and implementing these practices in the Federal government garners a unique perspective on the individual and systemic barriers that persist in implementing open science practices.

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